GEWI® Piles stabilize Important Motorway Connection in the Netherlands

The A4 motorway is an important link between Amsterdam and Den Haag. Currently, the two lane section between Burgerveen and Leiden is being widened in order to eliminate the traffic bottlenecks that regularly occur in this area.

The widening of the A4 motorway also includes the construction of two aqueducts. The first aqueduct is located at the “Ringvaart” waterway. This new structure was built and completed at the end of 2010 next to an existing aqueduct. DSI Netherlands supplied approx. 1,500 GEWI® Piles for this part of the project.

At present, construction work is underway on the first part of the second aqueduct at the “Oude Rijn” River. The current bridge over the river will be replaced by two aqueducts. In this area, the A4 highway will run beneath the ground surface for a distance of approx. 1,440m.

In total, DSI supplied approx. 8,500 GEWI® Piles in lengths of 14.5m to 29m to prevent uplift of the highway due to groundwater pressure.

Two anchor plates were installed on the GEWI® Piles after the piles had been installed. One of the anchor plates was placed at the underwater concrete floor by divers. After the excavation had been pumped dry, the second anchor plate was installed on the construction floor.

Construction work began in 2009 and is scheduled for completion in 2013.


Ministry of Transport, major projects department, Netherlands

General Contractor

JV A4 Burgerveen – Leiden, consisting of BAM Civiel, BAM Wegen, VTN Verkeers- & Besturingstechniek bv and Van Oord, all of them Netherlands


BAM Speciale Technieken, Netherlands


BAM Infraconsult bv, Netherlands

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International B.V., Netherlands

DSI Scope

Supply of 10,000 GEWI® Piles with 20,000 Anchorages

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